An Unworthy Gospel (Fullerism) by George M. Ella

The following is an excellent article by George M. Ella.  In this article Mr. Ella clearly shows the errors of the doctrine of Andrew Fuller which postulated that the atonement of Christ was sufficient for all mankind, but effective only for the elect.  This error, though not entirely original with Andrew Fuller, was greatly popularized by him in the 1800s among Baptists that had primarily been strong believers in the 5 cardinal points of the Doctrine of Grace.  By weakening just one one of these doctrines, in this case the Limited Atonement (or Particular Redemption), effects are had throughout the doctrinal system as they all hang together.  Therefore, it brought about radical changes in doctrine among most Baptists that are still felt today.

An Unworthy Gospel (Fullerism) by George M. Ella


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